I’m moving to Italy before September arrives.

I might have to revive these posts, I miss having a place to put my voice.

went to the hill yesterday. knew i had missed all my friends, but didn’t realize just how much until i saw them again.

so i’m back home. it feels like nothing has changed. but i’m really struggling with speaking english correctly, paying for things with dollars or my card without looking like a fool, and the whole concept of driving.

i’m in complete denial.

got a papa hug from walter, kisses from kevin, a tear-filled embrace from renata, and an enthusiastic shake hug from luca.

finished my finals, now all i have left is a paper.
went to the cavalli club last night with seven inch heels and gazelle legs. drank some vodka tonics and winked at older men. happy birthday to me.
“okay, so if we get caught, here’s the story…”
“i almost ate an entire jar of nutella in one day. i’m not even sorry.”

just had my first legal beer.

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